Eric Boyd

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Eric Boyd is the Firm's Director of Litigation Support. He has over 17 years of experience with Electronically Stored Information (ESI), E-Discovery, computer forensics, litigation support and trial presentation. Additionally, he works across the Firm with vendors and clients on pricing, and helps clients coordinate legal holds internally and devise forensic collection plans. Eric has been with the Firm since 2010 and has been the Director of our Litigation & E-Discovery Group since 2014.

Representative Experience

  • Coordinates projects through all team leaders on a daily basis for all offices
  • Manages vendor relations and coordinates pricing and invoicing for litigation support for firm
  • Manages all internal E-discovery processing in all offices
  • Coordinates large on-line reviews between offices and outside contract-attorney assisted review with qualified vendors
  • Helps clients coordinate legal holds internally and devises forensic collection plans when applicable
  • Helps coordinate and participate in client interviews to determine scope and relevance of potential Discovery sources
  • Coordinates with firm attorneys, staff and IT to oversee large, sophisticated legal projects
  • Evaluates, negotiates and selects qualified vendors and oversees their work in the entire litigation lifecycle from preservation to production
  • Manages internal staff for courtroom presentations and "hot seat" participation
  • Advise attorneys and staff on best-practices in preservation and E-discovery
  • Promotion of Litigation Support and E-Discovery technology to internal firm members for more efficient productions and use of time
  • Works with Firm Management to promote and implement firm strategy that utilizes technology and know-how to lower firm and client costs
  • Continuously reviews new technology and employs it as warranted to decrease client costs and attorney hours