Eli Nelson

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Mr. Nelson is an industry thought leader in the use of technology and data analytics in the field of eDiscovery. He was an active litigation attorney for 17 years prior to joining Claro, with the past decade focused on improving discovery outcomes involving Electronically Stored Information (ESI). He is highly skilled in building understanding and consensus among stakeholders in the use of technology and formal processes to reduce discovery risks and costs, as well as improving defensibility of processes.

As a pioneer in eDiscovery, Mr. Nelson has written and spoken extensively about topics ranging from predictive analytics to project management, and has deep experience managing engagements. Prior projects have included managing discovery collection, processing, review, and production for several multi-billion dollar investigations and litigations for both domestic and international matters, managing review teams of over a hundred contract attorneys, negotiating ESI protocols in litigation for joint defense groups, challenging and defending discovery processes in large scale litigations, and negotiating structured data protocols for both class action litigations and regulatory investigations.

Mr. Nelson has deep experience in the litigation process that informs his judgment on eDiscovery. In his prior capacity as a trial lawyer, Mr. Nelson conducted discovery and argued in almost 60 trials, including over a dozen jury trials, argued hundreds of motions, and participated in hundreds of depositions.

Mr. Nelson earned a J.D. from Tulane University, where he also obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Theory, and his Master of Science in Predictive Analytics at Northwestern in 2016.