Edward Lawrence

Director, Discovery ConsultingConsilioConnectContact

Edward is a Director of Consilio, a global leader in Legal Consulting & Legal Services.

Edward’s career has been focused on providing and managing staff and complex matters to ensure seamless and efficient use of technology and solutions available within the industry. Edward excels at providing hands-on guidance and strategic influence in providing forward thinking analysis and consultative approaches to clients.

Edward is responsible for helping corporal legal department and law firms manage their litigation needs and provide analysis and recommendations in dealing with budgeting, workflow implementation and litigation technology needs.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Consilio, Edward managed and supervised the project management & client services divisions at various industry leading service providers like Fronteo, USA & QDiscovery. He also has managed and controlled the daily operations at eDiscovery vendors being directly responsible for company budgeting and P&L of personnel of personnel, platforms and hardware within the eDiscovery department.

Edward is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps and also holds various industry platform certifications and routinely conducts speaking engagements and industry related educational seminars.