Dennis Kennedy

Past Senior Counsel at MasterCardDennis Kennedy -Author, Lawyer and bloggrConnect

Experienced information technology lawyer formerly (retired December 2017) on Mastercard’s Digital Payments and Labs legal team where I worked on cutting edge payments and technology issues that include mobile wallets, APIs, Open Source, new payments and financial technologies (e.g., blockchain and IoT), R&D, innovation and financial inclusion, with a great amount of experience in a wide variety of technology contracting and deal-making (including enterprise software, outsourcing and partnering), strategic legal advice and product development.

Speaker, writer, adjunct law professor, blogger, podcaster, innovator and authority on issues at the intersection of law, technology and business, with published books on technology, hundreds of published articles on legal and technology topics, technology industry connections, and awards for writing. 

A Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management and current chair of the board of the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center.

Reputation for understanding applicable information technology and knowing the underlying technologies while being easy to work with, responsive to global clients and focused on real-world results, with the ability and interest to provide client education and training, teach and mentor lawyers, and improve processes and improve law department systems to drive efficiency and innovation into legal services.

Books: Co-author with Tom Mighell of "The Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together" (Second Edition 2018), and co-author with Allison Shields of "LinkedIn in One Hour," "LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers (now in second edition)," and "Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers."

Co-host of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on legal technology on the Legal Talk Network.

Unique combination of talents and skills, and a reputation as a lawyer who both practices information technology law and understands and works with the underlying technology.