Daniel Cohen

Director Of Business DevelopmentSandline Discovery ConnectContact

Over the last ten years I’ve helped lawyers win cases by working collaboratively to provide custom solutions to difficult discovery problems. 

I’ve worked with clients, lawyers, investigators, prosecutors, paralegals, partners, inside counsel, outside counsel, of counsel, government agencies, ad agencies, regulators, risk advisors, supervisors, consultants, accountants, forensic examiners, reviewers, entrepreneurs, lit support, tech support, developers, chiefs and interns, and everything in between.

I've successfully identified, tested, implemented and maintained technology, teams, resources, workflows, tools and staff to help case teams and corporations respond to discovery requests in the most effective, efficient and cost effective ways available.

At Sandline, I’m using this experience to help clients reduce data, cut costs, review documents and produce results. I consult with clients on a wide range of eDiscovery and Litigation Support matters, help to solve problems, provide solutions and build long-term strategic relationships. My goal is to develop meaningful, valuable, long-term partnerships to help you cut costs on a per-project basis, drastically reduce legal spend over the long run and help you focus on the merits of your case.