D. Casey Flaherty


Legal operations consultant. Former in-house and outside counsel. Creator of the Service Delivery Review and the Legal Tech Assessment. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. 

I consult with both in-house departments and law firms on legal operations, strategic sourcing, pricing, and process improvement. My focus is optimizing the entire value chain to ensure the right people are doing the right work the right way at the right price. I help create and support legal operations and sourcing teams. I handle convergence initiatives and construct outside counsel management programs with an emphasis on structured dialogue and weaving continuous improvement into the fabric of the relationship. I apply supply-chain management techniques, like site visits, to conduct Service Delivery Reviews.

The site visits to law firms I made as in-house counsel are also the origin of the Legal Tech Assessment. The LTA is a competence-based learning and benchmarking tool premised on the observation that making better use of the technology already at our disposal (Word, Excel, PDF) is the low-hanging fruit of improving legal productivity. The LTA is used in law departments, law firms, government, law schools, and is a member benefit of several state bars.