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I am proud to present to you over 19 years of blood, sweat and tears in the industry known as litigation support! My name is Bob Meyers and I am a legal software trainer, consultant, technical support specialist and software reseller. The list of Help! links you see to the left are websites that represent the culmination of these many years for what I hope to be of assistance to you. I feel so very, very lucky to be involved in a business I truly love, and I hope you find just exactly what you need, given the software I help with.

As is my motto, if there is anything, anything I can do to help you with your daily practice of law and the software I specialize in, please let me know!

  • For help with AD Summation products, such as Summation LG, LG Gold or iBlaze, WebBlaze or Enterprise, please click here.
  • For help with LexisNexis Concordance (Concordance 8, 2007 or 10) or Opticon or Concordance Image, please click here.
  • For help with LexisNexis CaseMap, TextMap or TimeMap, please click here.
  • For help with Trial Director 4.5, 5.2 or 6.2, please click here.
  • For help with Sanction II, please click here.
  • For help with IPRO Eclipse - SQL/Web, please click here.
  • For help with IPRO Eclipse SE (Flat), please click here.

The software listed here is are all registered trademarks, and in no way do I claim to work for any of them. I am certified to train and consult with AD Summation, LexisNexis Concordance and TrialDirector. I have worked with LiveNote since 1998, Sanction since 1999, CaseMap since 2003, and Eclipse SE and SQL since 2011.