Anne Fealey

Chief Privacy OfficerPrudential FinancialConnect

I'm a privacy evangelist. 

I respect people's rights to keep their personal data confidential. And I believe that any choices about personal data should be clear and easy to understand (by people other than lawyers).

At the same time, I'm also incredibly excited about the power of data to do great things, especially in a world that's becoming more and more connected. Solve traffic congestion? Count me in! Help people exercise more? Sign me up! Cure cancer? Let's do it!

I don't view these as opposites, but more as aligned principles. And my work reflects that. As a leader of privacy and information management, I provide business consultation on privacy controls, conducting privacy impact assessments, creating privacy control testing and monitoring, and developing privacy training while enabling the appropriate use of data to help customers and clients. 

All this, and I write stories too!