Adriana Linares

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Until launching LawTech Partners in January 2004, I spent seven years in the technology departments of two of Florida's largest law firms. Today, I help law firms, legal departments, legal aid groups and legal technology startups in the same way. I also have the privilege of being an on-call technology consultant to the Florida Bar Board of Governors and their various committees. I'm thrilled to be the Chair of the American Bar Association's 31st ABA TECHSHOW. I am working with 9 other board members to plan what is sure-to-be the best one yet! Join us in Chicago March 15 - 18th for the TECHSHOW 2017.

A Stetson University under-graduate, I received a bachelors degree in Geography and later a Masters in Corporate Communication and Technology from Rollins College. I speak and train in English and Spanish at national conferences and regularly write articles for legal technology magazines, newsletters and newsletters. I spent three years on the Planning Board for the American Bar Association's annual TECHSHOW (2006 - 2009) and have been an active member of the Law Practice Division of the ABA. I'm a member of the board of the Florida Justice Technology Center. I host both the New Solo podcast and The Florida Bar Podcast on Legal Talk Network. I'm usually in motion, but when at rest you'll find me in Winter Park (FL) or in America's greatest city - New Orleans.