Christopher Byrne

General Counsel, The Master's Conference

Christopher “Kip” Byrne brings Masters Conference over thirty eight years of high level legal and senior executive experience. He started his career after receiving his BSFS from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, working as a Congressional Legislative staffer for US Congressman Mike McCormack and attending the evening study program at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law. He served as a law clerk for the Honorable John Garrett Penn at the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and thereafter worked as a litigator at the Washington DC law firm of Welch & Morgan, representing such firms as Triad Corporation in its $160 million claim against three of the nation’s top defense contractors and handling sensitive business matters for Loral Corporation in new product development.

Drawn to work for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation during the banking crisis, he personally handled financial investigations and litigation against defendants like Charles Keating, the most notorious individual behind one of the largest bank failures in the United States. FDIC entrusted Kip with some of its most sensitive investigations, both internal and external. His diverse experience was tapped in other fields as well. He was asked to train and establish a national cadre of transactional attorneys for the FDIC, handling the largest transactions himself and implementing an FDIC mortgage backed pass through security program, packaging billions of dollars in loans for sale in the securities markets. After attending the graduate banking program at the University of Washington’s Pacific Coast Banking School, Kip joined the ranks of the FDIC’s Senior Executive Service, serving as the Assistant Director-Investigations for the Division of Liquidation where he was responsible for the training and work of over 1,800 investigators nationwide and all resulting professional liability claims. When the State of Rhode Island’s own financial crisis brought down the state deposit insurance program, the State hired Kip, who by then had left FDIC and started his own law firm, to investigate and litigate all the professional liability claims arising from that crisis. Kip’s knowledge of accounting, business and large scale litigation formed the bedrock for collections amounting to over $180 million, including one accounting firm’s settlement of $103 million. Later in 2003, well before the abuses in the housing industry were widespread, Kip litigated a claim for over $125 million stemming from fraudulent mortgage backed pass through securities.