Testimony for The Masters Conference

May 12th, 2017

Daniel Regard

Managing Director and CEO of iDS



Mr. Regard is an electronic discovery and computer science consultant with 20 years experience in consulting to legal and corporate entities. A programmer and an attorney by training, Mr. Regard has conducted system investigations, created data collections, and managed discovery on over 1,000 matters. He is responsible for the development and implementation of case and matter strategies that leverage technology in litigation and investigations. Mr. Regard has both national and international experience advising on such issues as electronic discovery, computer forensics, structured data and information management. He is a frequent speaker, teacher and publisher on issues of electronic discovery.

iDS embraces the complex challenges that our competitors avoid to deliver value to our clients. In short, we solve problems that others cannot. We strive to give our clients unparalleled access to extraordinary information that exceeds their expectations. Maximizing efficiency, economy, and effectiveness requires more than a server and a software license. It requires true expertise. iDS has that expertise.


Clients love our passion for what we do, and our ability to innovate solutions. When we deliver our services, it is not simply from the mindset of executing on specific tasks. It is also done from the perspective of how this can improve our client’s situation and help further their success.