Product Highlight ESI Analyst - Legalweek Presentations

Jan 23rd, 2019
ESI Analyst is a cost effective and affordable investigation platform that allows for analysis and review of disparate types of metadata such as social media, communications, transactions, geolocation and forensic artifacts. Beyond analysis, its proactive metadata matching algorithms helps investigators quickly identify relevant events associated with the actions of key actors and those unknown.
Join Trent Livingston and Rick Clark at Legalweek in New York on January 29th through the 31st as they demonstrate the platform in a private meeting setting located at The London Hotel adjacent to Legalweek’s midtown location. Share with them your investigation requirements and they will demonstrate how ESI Analyst can speed strategy development via its automated actor profile matching technology paired with advanced filtering and data visualization, all culminating in a sequential timeline of events.
As a SaaS solution, ESI Analyst provides simple, easy to use graphical "Click-Through to Investigate" tools that render visual representations of electronic discovery data in order to expedite data assessment, analysis, tagging and review. ESI Analyst’s analytical tools enable the rapid understanding of data context combined with the actions of case actors; whether a single individual or multiple actors of varying relevance to your matter.
Addressing the new wave of discovery data, ESI Analyst offers text message and social media conversation threading, in-map review of geolocation data, as well as analysis of transactional data, IP address geocoding, hashtag extraction and more. Its team focused design enables investigators and counsel to communicate andcollaborate, so that they can better advocate on their client’s behalf. 
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