Vishal Oza

Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Vishal B. Oza, a Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal’s Disputes and Investigations practice in Los Angeles specializing in digital forensics investigations, cyber investigations and eDiscovery services and expert testimony services.

Mr. Oza brings over 14 years of experience in high‐tech investigations driven by internal investigation, regulatory risk, or enforcement action.  Mr. Oza has experience in providing investigative services in connection with dozens of legal actions as well as internal investigations, audit committee inquiries, and regulatory agency investigations. He recovers facts from computers and other digital storage devices to help attorneys, auditors and investigators make informed decisions. Mr. Oza provides objective assessments of digital evidence in matters related to legal or ethical issues, misappropriation of trade secrets, intellectual property issues, contract disputes, fraud investigations, employment disputes, incident response and alleged hacking, among others.

Mr. Oza has participated in and managed numerous projects in North America, South America, Europe and Asia for Fortune 500 companies.  Mr. Oza routinely lectures to the legal community and Computer Forensics communities on topics related to electronic discovery, cyber security and computer forensics.  Prior to joining A&M, Mr. Oza held positions at Berkeley Research Group, Navigant Consulting, LECG LLC and KPMG LLP within their forensic practices.