Director of E-Discovery & Litigation Support

Steven L. Clark

Director of E-Discovery & Litigation Support

I am an E-Discovery and Litigation Support professional with extensive experience advising case teams and clients on best practices, educating and guiding them through the complex electronic discovery process, creating and managing sensible and cost-effective solutions to meet their needs, as well as implementing sound procedures and policies to ensure that they receive consistent and high-quality results.

As the Director of Litigation Support at Lathrop & Gage, I design and implement departmental service offerings relating to information and data management, litigation technology, E-Discovery, and other Litigation Support functions. I also collaborate, advise, and consult with firm management on strategy and process development to elevate and sharpen firm capabilities across all legal matters. 

I have a history of building professional and client service teams around the core principles of service, project management, accountability, and common sense.

I am passionate about and promote education and thought on process and project management throughout the industry and frequently speak or present on issues across the EDRM spectrum.