eDisclosure and Information Governance

Bonney CIPP/E

eDisclosure and Information Governance

Independent Consultant
eDisclosure and Information Governance

Martin has been working in the eDisclosure field for over 25 years – having been the founding lead at nMatrix in London – which became Epiq, and before that heading up the eDisclosure team at Linklaters.

Martin has managed numerous multi-jurisdictional eDiscovery projects, specializing especially in delivering practical on-site solutions in countries across the EU, as well as Russia and the Middle East where privacy and data protection concerns had to be balanced with the requirements of common law.

Recently Martin was a member of the Sedona Conference WG6 Brainstorming Group on International Legal Holds and contributed to a chapter in the volume “International E-Discovery” published by Globe Law and Business.

He is currently working on a complex data mapping engagement involving multiple parties in multiple locations as part of a significant piece of litigation.