Associate Partner

Dominic Jaar

Associate Partner

E-discovery and legal technology expert, Dominic Jaar is the founder and president of Ledjit Consulting (, a Canadian firm specializing in information management and e-discovery. He is also the former CEO of the Canadian Centre on Court Technology (

Mr. Jaar is on the editorial board of Sedona Canada ( and was in charge of drafting the French version of The Sedona Canada Principles on E-discovery. He is also a member of The Sedona Conference’s working groups 1 (USA) and 6 (International). He is also involved in Sedona’s Cloud Computing and Privacy working groups. Mr. Jaar is the co-president of the Montreal Bar Association Technology Advisory Liaison Committee with the Quebec courts and the president of the IT security committee of the Quebec Bar. He is the president of the Law Practice Management and Technology section of the Canadian Bar Association. He is on the ABA Techshow planning board and is an executive member of the board of the Canadian IT Association ( Furthermore, Mr Jaar is the founder and organizer of LegalIT, Canada’s premier conference on legal technologies (

He speaks throughout North America ( and is a prolific writer on many legal and technology issues. He is frequently quoted in the press as an expert on electronic information.

Prior to founding Ledjit, Dominic Jaar worked as a commercial litigator at Bell Canada’s legal department. Besides pleading cases for Bell, he advised his clients on electronic discovery, electronic information management, compliance and retention policies. Prior to moving in-house, Mr. Jaar worked as a commercial litigator at Borden Ladner Gervais where he specialised in technology related matters. He is a member of the Quebec Bar. He graduated from Laval University after studying at Western University (Common Law) and Aix-Marseille III (International and European Law).