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Day 1

8:00AM - 9:00AM

Richard Clark

ESI Analyst
Chief Strategy Officer
Richard “Rick” Clark graduated Liberty University with a B.A. in Communications. Mr. Clark was the principal business development lead launching Wave Software, an innovative technology that reduced the overhead of email review through programmatic deduplication of email and unstructured data. After the successful launch of Wave Software, he was the co-founder of The Masters Conference in...

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8:30AM - 9:30AM
Track 1

LinkedIn For Lawyers - Demonstrates how to use LinkedIn to build each lawyer's professional presence and how to educate those around them of what they do, in order to generate a qualified referral source for new business (which was the keynote for 2016's NAMWOLF Conference).

Kevin L. Nichols - Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, The Social Engineering Project, Inc.

Kevin L. Nichols has worked in multifaceted capacities in some of the most prolific international law firms in the country, such as Morrison & Foerster, Paul Hastings, Heller Ehrman, and Holland & Knight. His interest in diversity and technology began while he was a mechanical engineering/diversity intern at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  Later, he became the Executive Director of the California Diversity Council and the African American Wellness Project. Kevin has become a social networking expert and full-time consultant specializing in litigation technology (eDiscovery), diversity, and social media marketing for the legal industry.  Nichols has been featured on LinkedIn’s Hall of Fame, Yahoo’s Blog, in the Examiner, CNN Money, Reuters, MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. Millions saw Kevin while logging in to from 2011-2014.  He is now the Founder of The Social Engineering Project, Inc., an Oakland based, Google and Microsoft funded, social impact venture with Stanford University designed to address the lack of diversity in the tech industry.  Kevin attended the University of California, Berkeley and recently completed an Executive Program for Social Entrepreneurship at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.  For a full biography and CV, please visit

9:45AM - 10:45AM
Track 1

The reasonable anticipation or filing of a litigation case is only one event that can trigger a need for eDiscovery. These days, eDiscovery also plays an important part in conducting investigations to meet compliance, due diligence or regulatory enforcement requirements. In this session, the panelists will share experiences and provide examples of the use of eDiscovery technology and best practices to meet investigative objectives. Topics include: · Common Types of Investigations Involving eDiscovery · Similarities and Differences from eDiscovery in Litigations · Data Discovery, Data Privacy and Cross-Border Implications · Common Mistakes to Avoid · Dealing with Phones/BYOD Issues During Investigations · Best Practices for Managing eDiscovery in Investigations

9:45AM - 10:45AM
Track 2

Corporate counsel and law firms are under significant pressure to deliver services more cost-effectively and efficiently. The alignment of the legal services value chain is very important to achieve success. Process, technology and business model innovation changes need to evolve to meet the needs of all the parties that consume and deliver these services. How do we identify, evaluate, implement and measure internal and external improvements? In this session you will learn from expert practitioners from corporations, law firms and 3rd party vendors on what they currently do and what kind of process, technology or business model improvements will help going forward.

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Track 1

As you may have heard by now, artificial intelligence (AI) is in the process of revolutionizing the legal profession as it has done in finance, entertainment, healthcare, and manufacturing. Applying AI technology is perfect for repetitive tasks that require human intelligence where an increase in productivity and decrease in errors and cost are the goals. Regardless of what the naysayers say, document review is not exempt from the application of AI technology and its benefits. This CLE discusses how leveraging artificial intelligence in managed review can find evidence faster, increase efficiency, and decrease errors while reducing the overall cost exponentially.

12:30PM - 1:30PM

Security & Forensics on Both Sides of the “Boom”: How a Changing Threat Landscape Will Require a Merger of Cybersecurity & Forensics

1:45PM - 2:45PM
Track 1

Join a text analytics pioneer and an experienced investigator for a conversation on corporate and legal investigations.   Hear how augmented intelligence technologies allow an investigator’s knowledge and hypotheses to be applied at mass scale.  Terabytes of documents and data that might otherwise can bog a project down become easy fodder for the AI-augmented investigator. 

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Track 1

Trent Livingston

ESI Analyst
Mr. Trent Livingston, throughout his career in electronic discovery, has provided consulting and expert testimony surrounding structured data, process automation, and complex data analytics. With his deep understanding of the cost and complexities facing electronic discovery investigations, Mr. Livingston teamed up with industry professionals spanning computer forensics to forensic accountants to innovate...

Lester Lau

Ernst & Young
Senior Manager | Forensic & Integrity Services
Lester Lau is a Senior Manager with EY’s Forensic and Integrity Services practice based in San Francisco. He is an attorney specializing in e-discovery and unstructured data analytics. He also advises on the use of Technology Assisted Review and other analytics accelerators and their effects on time and budgetary constraints. Lester has helped several clients develop their data management strategies...

Sid Newby

Platinum IDS
Sid Newby serves as a Partner and Chief Technology Officer of Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions, a Litigation Support services consultancy based in Dallas, Texas.In this role, he oversees all aspects of information technology, information security, data and analytics for some of the world’s largest corporations in regard to data mapping, compliance, investigations and legal facilitation. Sid...

John Breen

Lewis Brisbois
John Breen is a Partner in the Lewis Brisbois eDiscovery, Information Governance, and Compliance practice group, and also the Data Privacy and Cyber Security group. John has broad experience across the eDiscovery, information governance, and data security spectrums. He has served as in-house counsel, outside counsel, and as a consultant for service providers and software companies. John leverages his...

Vishal Oza

Alvarez & Marsal
Senior Director
Vishal B. Oza, a Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal’s Disputes and Investigations practice in Los Angeles specializing in digital forensics investigations, cyber investigations and eDiscovery services and expert testimony services.Mr. Oza brings over 14 years of experience in high‐tech investigations driven by internal investigation, regulatory risk, or enforcement action.  Mr....

The potential discoverable data sources in today's mobile device and technology-enabled world have expanded to mountainous proportions. Identifying and preserving this relevant data, as well as presenting it in a usable and persuasive format is paramount to gaining the upper hand in any electronic discovery related investigation. Our panelists will discuss the various types of emerging data sources not to be overlooked as well as identify how each can be connected to tell a better story.

Sponsored by ESI Analyst

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Track 2

How Blockchain is Changing the Legal Landscape: Join the panel as they explore "what" Blockchain is and how it is disrupting the legal, financial and data security industries. Attendees will walkaway with a better practical understanding of the technology along some practical examples of how and where it is being used.

4:15PM - 5:15PM
Track 1

With the introduction of new privacy regulations, the need to find a list of individuals affected in a data breach has become more frequent. In a world of when not if a data breach occurs, organizations must plan to include a data breach discovery process as part of their incident response plan. Join our panelists for a conversation that discusses what works and what doesn’t when applying e-discovery practices to determine a list of affected individuals. 

5:15PM - 7:00PM

Keith Schrodt, MBA, JD

CS Disco, Inc.
Director of Marketing
Astute Marketing Executive skilled in all aspects of business and marketing strategy, lead generation and sales enablement. Focus in integrated marketing tactics, effective content creation, SEM (SEO optimization) and lead generation and conversion. Expert in identifying business opportunities and converting those opportunities through clear and actionable strategies. Self-confident and analytical...

Daniel Cohen

Sandline Discovery
Director Of Business Development
Dan Cohen is Director of Business Development at Sandline Discovery where he leads sales, marketing and strategic partnership efforts in addition to consulting with clients on data collections, eDiscovery and investigations. Throughout his 20-year career in technology, Dan has managed teams, initiatives and projects to success as a law firm Litigation Support Manager, eDiscovery Project Manager, adviser,...

Genesis Alejandro, PMP, EnCE

Nossaman LLP
Senior Practice Support Project Manager
Litigation Support and Practice Support Project management. Computer and digital forensics. Trialsupport, graphics and media. Specialties: Litigation Support and Practice Support Projectmanagement....

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