About The Masters Conference

The Masters Conference brings together leading experts and professionals from law firms, corporations, and the bench to develop strategies, practices, and resources for managing the information life cycle. The Masters Conference has served the legal community for over Ten Years. We have hosted over three thousand experts in multiple countries around the latest trends in technology within the legal community.

The Masters Conference is a boutique educational forum where a select group of speakers, vendors, and attendees convene to engage in a proactive collaboration on current challenges in the legal space. As a global legal conference, Masters Conference takes the lead to differentiate itself while consistently raising the bar as the most well-respected conference in the legal technology industry.

As an industry leader, Masters Conference is building its image of mastery in our field through different promotional events, conferences, membership and publications which offer innovative ideas, cutting-edge topics, and relevant solutions. Our advantage is that we have a different focus that caters to a niche target audience of high-level decision-makers who steer the course of the industry.

Why Masters?

We run events across the world. We choose our locations based upon Legal and Coporate Demographics. The cities we are in 2017 represent the top 15 states in the United States for attorneys. The cities also represent the top change makers in the US. For the cities we choose around the world we are in the top three that impact the global legal market. If you are looking for the leaders in our market attending The Masters Conference is where you should be.

I still dont think Masters is for me. Why should I particpate or speak?

We are not owned by a magazine, publisher, vendor or organization. We are not driven by schools intiative or indivudals personal agenda. The Masters Conference represents a true independant organization that is interested in highlighting all aspects of the legal world. We want to highlight your group, orgnization or intitiative. We are in the business of opening minds and exporing new possiblities.

Mission Statement:

To build a diverse legal learning environment by creating a safe symposium where the experts in our industry discuss current legal, technological and industry developments in multiple focused jurisdictions.