Sean Byrne

General Counsel and FounderByrne LawConnect

The practice of law has reached a tipping point. More than ever, corporate legal departments are demanding more from their outside counsel. They are no longer willing to complacently stand by as hourly rates rise annually without a commensurate increase in the quality of the legal services they receive. Instead, corporate legal leaders are taking a page from their business counterparts, who, for years, have successfully unlocked intrinsic value by continuously refining business processes, leveraging technology to handle both routine and business-critical tasks, and mining data to gain valuable insights. 

Byrne Law represents a new category of legal service provider: a law firm that can serve as your legal counsel, but one that is uniquely positioned to compress "busy work" that drive up legal rates. Byrne Law is purpose-built from the ground up to be process-driven and technology-enabled. It is a core part of the firm’s DNA. As a result, Byrne Law is incredibly efficient, always focused on assigning the appropriate resources to each task... at the right rates. By better leveraging legal work product, Byrne Law helps clients legal dollar go farther, with value that can go beyond the Legal Department. Byrne Law knows how to be disruptive, and is willing to put in the time and resources necessary to drive results and make real change happen for its clients. 

Byrne Law is different. By design. Start a conversation to see what that can mean for you.

Byrne Law has applied its process-driven, technology enabled approach to the following practice areas:

• Litigation
• eDiscovery, Information Governance & Privacy
• Cyber-Security Assessment & Implementation
• Employment
• Real Estate
• Corporate Transactional and Due Diligence
• Estate Planning
• Legal Department Operations Assessment & Optimization
• Contract Management, Discovery & Analysis
• Law Firm Technology Assessment & Implementation

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