Allen Outlaw

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Allen Outlaw founded Innovative Discovery, LLC in 2005 and has been the Chief Executive Officer and President since the very beginning. With over 20 years of experience in litigation document management, digital forensics, and eDiscovery, Mr. Outlaw is considered an industry expert and has testified at the Federal level on multiple occasions.

Prior to Innovative Discovery, LLC, he was an initial investor, Executive Vice President and served on the Board of Directors of On-Site Sourcing (ONSS-NASDAQ), a publicly traded national litigation support company with over $45MM in sales when it was sold in 2004. Prior to On-Site Sourcing, Mr. Outlaw was a principal with, Justin Asset Management, a Registered Investment Advisor with over $80MM in assets. He began his career as an investment counselor with Johnston, Lemon & Co and is a graduate of The College of William and Mary in Virginia with a degree in Economics.