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October 22nd 2020
2:00 PM

In the early 2000’s, the world of discovery entered the digital age as desktop computers became the new corporate file cabinet. By the middle of the decade the FRCP pushed digital evidence into the limelight clarifying its definition and relevance. Fast forward to present day and that once desktop-based corporate file cabinet is much larger than one can imagine, often in the cloud, generating data at incredible speed and accessible from anywhere via a myriad of modern-day connected devices. While the Rules that define ESI may be relatively the same, case strategy, ESI protocols, discovery requests and productions now face complexities that transcend the once simplistic standard of electronic documents and emails.


Join Greg Freemyer from Sullivan Strickler, Andreas Mueller from Downstreem and Trent Livingston from ESI Analyst for a discussion of ESI protocols, collections and analysis in the era of modern data.


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